Lullaby by Bearhug: Goodnight Baby

by Danette

Last week Little Bitty was having one of his bedtime meltdowns, screaming hysterically and carrying on. I took him upstairs and laid down next to him, hoping at that point that he’d soon wear himself out (ha!) because nothing seemed to be calming him down. Nothing new, but still tiring.

Bearhug was there too (Cuddlebug was sleeping, or trying to sleep, in another room), and usually crying upsets him, but that night, he did the sweetest thing. He started singing quietly to LB, a little lullaby that he made up just for him. I don’t remember all the words, other than “goodnight, baby;” honestly, it was too loud to hear much. But it just made my heart melt to hear him singing so sweetly to his baby brother, trying to help him calm down. Eventually he did relax (maybe the singing helped, although it never seems to work when I sing to him, hmm…) and they both fell asleep.

***UPDATE*** Bearhug came in while I was writing this and asked me what I was doing. When I told him, he told me he remembered the words to his song and said he’d sing it again so I could write them down. So, here it is:

“Goodnight, baby” by Bearhug (for Little Bitty)

Little baby, little baby, this is a song for you
Little baby, little baby, please go to sleep
Little baby, little baby, I love you so much
Little baby, little baby, just go to sleep
Little baby, little baby, goodnight little baby
Little baby, this is the end of your song
Goo-oood night! (whispers) goodnight baby

While he was at it, he told me he had another song for LB and wanted me to write that one down too, so here it is (this one is actually kind of funny IMO, still sweet though):

“Nighttime little baby” by Bearhug (for Little Bitty)

It’s midnight, little baby
You’ve got to go to sleep
Little baby, little baby, it’s in the middle of night
Midnight, midnight means that it’s the middle of the night
Little baby, you have to go to sleep
You need energy for tomorrow, please go to sleep
I want to go to sleep, please go to sleep
Little baby, little baby, please go to sleep
Little baby, little baby, I’ll be back in a minute
And when I come back I’ll bring you a cupcake
Little baby, this will make you better
Now you’re about to sleeeep
Little baby, little baby, you’re about to sleep
Just one last thing, I’ll give for you
And this is the only thing, here’s a teddy bear
Little baby, little baby, please go to sleep
Shhhh (whispers) the baby is sleeping
Goodnight, baby!

About the Author: Danette is the mother of three boys on the autism spectrum: Little Bitty, Bearhug, and Cuddlebug. Little Bitty has a diagnosis of moderate autism; Bearhug and Cuddlebug share a diagnosis of high-functioning autism. This piece originally appeared on her blog, Everyday Adventures, and is reprinted here by permission.